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c. 1987




Prime Television
NEN Prime Television (Northern)

NEN9 Upper Namoi (Tamworth) started on the 27 September 1965. ECN8 Taree started on May 27 1966. NEN1 Armidale began on the 15 July 1966, so I imagine it was connected somehow to NEN9. (NEN1 changed to NEN10 later on, so this could support my theory as ECN8 changed to NEN8 later so that could make it NEN 8,9,10. What do you think?).
ECN8 later merged with NRN11 Coffs Harbour, then broke of and merged with NEN9 Tamworth to create NEN9-ECN8. ECN8 later became NEN8. Their logo before aggregation was the silhuette of an aboringinal standing one legged leaning on spears.
It joined the Prime Television group and became the affiliate of the Seven Network in Northern NSW and the Gold Coast after aggregation on the 31 December 1991.
From 1991 to 1996, Prime's idents were versions on Channel Seven's, and the slogan was 'Your Local Station'. But from 1996 Prime started making their own idents showing local scenes and people. The slogan changed to 'This is where we live'.
On 11 Feburary 2001, Prime changed it's name to 7onPrime.
Prime NSW North produced different local news services for all areas, but in 2001 the Newcastle bulletin was axed in favour of Sydney news and Today Tonight.

Thanks to Andrew Bayley for these early logos.